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About the Photographer

My interest in photography began at age twelve while looking through a National Geographic. I received my first camera as a freshman in high school and combined my love for nature with my new found hobby. In time, I developed the self taught technique that I use today.

My photographs have been published by calendar & postcard companies as well as displayed in galleries & visitor centers. My portfolio offers a glimpse of the pristine beauty and splendor found in our National and State parks across the country.

I donate a portion of the proceeds from my work to the preservation of the environment in hopes that future generations will experience these wonderful and fascinating places as they are seen today.

Thank you for your interest,

Richard Scott

Body: Full Manual 6x7 Film Camera
Lenses: 45mm, 75mm shift / tilt & 105mm
Filters: Linear Polarizer
  Warming 81A & B
  Neutral Density Graduated 2x & 4x
Film: 120 Chrome

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